Half Time/Full Time Betting Strategy

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The half time/ full time bet is not to be underestimated! This market is a great method of extracting value of those games you consider dead certs.

For example, Manchester City may be roughly 2/5 to beat Newcastle. Howver for them to win at half time and then go on to win at full time may be roughly evens. This is where the stats come into play. You may observe that Manchester City  have so far been winning  in 70% of their home games at half time yet you can get evens for  them to winning at half time/ full time - this appears excellent value considering, and if you can accumulate it with other bets you are already adding "double" to those selections which boosts up your returns significantly.  It would be wise to also analyse the away teams stats. In this case Newcastle may have been losing 50% of thier away games at half time and have lost 60% of away games overall; this makes the prospect of Manchester City winning at half time and then to go on to win at full time seem worthwhile.