Money Generator

This is a method we have researched and discovered that is excellent. It is normally best to use Betfair or William Hill for this bet as they offer the best odds.

First of all select a game you are sure that a team will win in. Then open up the dutching calculator; this enables you to select a few markets and divide the amount you are putting on to still show a profit (should there be one).

Start with any stake you see fit. For this example we will say we will bet 50.00 (this bet is exceptionally low risk). Let’s say as an example you choose Manchester City v West Bromwich Albion. As Manchester City are at home you would really expect them to beat West Brom; the odds for this game could look like this:

0-0   score line= 13.50

1-0   score line= 7.50

2-0   Over 1.5 goals = 1. 42

In the dutching calculator you enter your stake at the bottom and then type in the odds. *see picture below*. Betting_strategy

As you can see the profit is very little but the only way this bet could lose is if West Brom wins 1-0 which realistically shouldn’t happen. Now you do this for the next bet using the 32.71 and carry on this pattern for as many games you see fit, the accumulation will eventually mount up well. If you did this for a whole season you will be home and dry, booking them flights to that exotic country. Well that isn’t home and you will be drinking so much you won’t be dry but you understand the expression.


Games markets vary so you may have to try a few games to get the marginal profit you are looking for, but sticking the same market principles, the bet is a likely winner every time.

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