Two Win and Draw System

This strategy is simple enough. Simply choose two selections that you positive should win e.g. Manchester City, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. Then look at odds of games where the bookies...choose ten of these you believe are most likely to draw. Add these individually to a threefold accumulator with your two favourites.

You can get odds at anything between 1.1 to 1.4 normally for the teams that are considered very likely to win. If they are both 1.3 you already have 1.69 going on to ten draws. A draw normally comes in around 3.2 in the odds stake. Therefore: 1.69 * 3.2= 5.408. If you were to put a 1.00 on every threefold that would amount to 10.00. If two draws come in you will 0.816 in profit and then an extra 5.408 for every draw on top of that. The best odds are mainly at Betfair

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