It Is Mathematically Impossible To Lose With This Single Bet

There are plenty of great free bets promotions you can access throughout the internet, however this one you can access from Betfair is the best as you simply do not lose any money, you get a free 20 euro/pound/dollar bet and if it your bet wins, you can put the money back in to you bank.

Betfair is an English company which has recently become the biggest internet betting exchange in the World, and arguably the best. They already have in the excess of 4 million customers Worldwide and are ever increasing this figure. Their popularity is clearly understandable, due to their offer of the best available odds amongst their competitors. Furthermore, Betfair allow their customers to bet on standard markets/standard bets, but they also offer an opportunity to lay a bet: back against something to happen. For example, betting against a horse to come first, or betting against a match not to draw.


THE PROMOTION:  First of all you simply register your details; you simply deposit 20.00 of your currency e.g. £20.00 and then place the 20.00 on any bet of your choice. If the bet win’s you are in profit, if it loses you get your money back and you can withdraw it straight away if you so wish. You cannot lose by signing up to BetFair, only win! Plus, if you continue to bet you can get up to 1000 euro/pounds/dollars back in bonuses. Further still, Betfair have constant offers (theres never not a promotion) on the sports markets, casino games and poker games.

Take advantage: No lose 20.00 bet